24/06/2017 - REMAINING TIME


Music, dance and street art – that’s the essence of the ON!Street zone. We`ve invited Bboy guests from abroad so be prepared for spectacular battles, music workshops, graffiti and on top of that –block party with BBQ, beer and hip-hop.



This year`s special guests are Bboy KLEJU from Poland, Bboy INTACT and Bboy PLUTO from Ukraine. INTACT and PLUTO are well known for their opposite styles – INTACT in more into breakdance basic moves while PLUTO is more powerful and extreme. Workshops for both beginner and advanced break dancers will be held from our guests. They will also be the judges of the Bulgarian Bboy and Bgirl battles.

Music workshops

Our friends from SoSOUND NINJA are visiting the ON!Street zone as well. Here you can find various sound gear for mixing, producing and composing music. Try your DJ skills and don't hesitate to ask our sound ninjas for any tips and tricks. Another great addition will be the so called pop-up band workshop, where you and your friends can form a band or just jam it up on some of the sound machines.


The driving force behind the graffiti event this year will be Hipe All Night. Our 8 guest artists will be demonstrating their skills during the two days of the festival, painting on some challenging surfaces.

What else to expect? There will be graffiti battles, workshops, VR graffiti, graffiti quest with prizes and body art so be prepared to have a really interesting experience during the festival days.