24/06/2017 - REMAINING TIME


If we can put our ON!Sports zone in one word only it would be adrenaline! Be prepared for lots of breathtaking demonstrations in the most extreme urban sports. Read the lines below to find out why the fest is worth a visit.

Freerun and parkour with Storror

The most progressive UK parkour crew Storror comes in Bulgaria especially for ON!Fest. Storror is a collective of seven elite athletes who were drawn together by a shared innate passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in parkour. Enjoy their spectacular demonstrations and take part in the workshops to learn from the professionals. And this is not the only news! The first European projection of their second movie Roof Culture Asia will take place during ON!Fest. Be there to see the movie yourself and to ask all the boys all the questions you have.

We will also have interesting guests from Bulgaria. Freerunner Ilko Iliev from LEAP who recently won the New York City Drone Film Festival (together with photographer Marin Kafedjiiski) and athletes from Freerun BG will also make demonstrations and workshops. And if all of this adrenaline is not enough you can try some Air Bag jumps.


The girls from Wild-berries will be our guests together with Martin Radnev – one of the main drivers of longboarding in Bulgaria. They`ll demonstrate the basic technics and will show us some “dancing” on the boards. You`ll get the chance to try it for yourself during the daily workshops.


You can see slackline in almost every park but also in Inter Expo Center during the festival days. Slacklining is very attractive and not easy for practicing and it develops extraordinary balance and coordination. Be prepared for a lot of slackline and trickline demonstrations and of course workshops so you can try it for yourself.


Two-time European champion Alex Yazov along with some of the most prominent drift riders will show their unique drift show “Drift Anarchy”. It`s really cool to watch and includes moto stunt elements and BMX demonstrations. We bet you`ll want to try that`s why we`ve prepared a special championship with simulators – if you win it you`ll get the chance to be in the co-pilot`s seat during the Drift Anarchy show.

Besides, all the cars will be available for shooting together with BMW V10 engine which is believed to be the brand`s best one.