24/06/2017 - REMAINING TIME


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Come, meet The Pact, and hear what they have to tell you about their 2-year history, ask them all the questions you have about you tube, content creating or live stream, take a photo with them or just have a small talk with people who are really good at their job.


Do you want to know how to make a powerful video that will bring you millions of views? Or what are the technical subtleties of processing a video? Certainly there is a lot to learn from the presentations we have prepared, all about content creating.


ou can challenge the guys from The Pact in a way you want. For example they promised us to participate in all the other festival zones in different ways so you better start making your list with challenges for them.


This is the stage for professional, amateur or wannabe YouTubers where they can present themselves and the things they do and of course get a lot of new subscribers. Send us your personal videos at team@onfest.org and if they are among the best ones you`ll get the chance to present yourself at the festival.