24/06/2017 - REMAINING TIME


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It is time to announce the most expected news in this year’s ON! Anime zone. The Cosplay contest. It has been organized by Animes Expo for the last 12 years and became one of the most important events for the cosplay community.
This year, for the first time, the contest will be divided to two different categories – one for the amateur cosplayers and one for the professional cosplayers.

Amateur cosplay contest

There are no age restrictions in the amateur contest. Everyone can apply, but the participants under 14 years old must apply along with a parent. Individual performers are allowed as well as group of performers (2 to 10 people).

The following categories will be awarded:

  • Best of show
  • Best male costume
  • Best female costume
  • Best prop
  • Best hairstyling
  • Best performance
  • Best make up
  • Best Fanmade cosplay
  • Best Group cosplay

Special award –Judge personal favorite.

More info @ onfest@animesexpo.com


Usually very challenging and full of emotions, the competition is the highlight in the cosplay program of ON! Anime. The participants must be aged over 14 years old. Every participant, aged under 18 years old, must apply along with a parent. Individual performers are allowed as well as groups by 2 people.

The big winner/s will be awarded with a trip and accomodation to France for Japan Expo 2018.

The contest will be judged by five famous international cosplayers. They will have their own performances during the event.

Registration deadline is 10th of June 2017.

The countdown is on! See you at ON! Fest 2017!

More info @ onfest@animesexpo.com


This year’s contest judges are five famous international cosplay stars, including world cosplay champions. They will come to Sofia to show us their best performances and judge yours!

We will reveal their names one by one here and in our Facebook page


Echow is a cosplayer from Indonesia. She won numerous cosplay awards in her 11 year career with the biggest so far to represent Indonesia in World Cosplay Summit 2013. She is specialized in armor cosplay. In her hometown of Jakarta she had open a workshop where people can order handmade costumes.

Echow will land in Sofia escpecially for ON! Anime @ON! Fest 2017. Sneakpeak on her work here: http://echow88.deviantart.com/gallery/

We can’t wait to meet her, what about you?

Ju Tsukino

Juliana Tsukino or Ju Tsukino is a famous name in the Cosplay / Otaku / Geek community. She has been a cosplayer since 2004 and since then she has more than 200 costumes over the years ranging from anime, manga, games and sci fi. She was born in Brazil but now she lives in London / UK.

Check her amazing performances at her website: https://www.jutsukino.net/

Manuel Capitani

Cosplayer since 2006, is fond of Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. What is more important for him is the interpretation of your character and beautiful performances, carried well through both the practical act on stage, either through careful audio montages.

3d modeler for both the cosplay for their work, is Lead Character Artist at the Milan-based Milestone video games.

Winner of numerous awards and best interpretation to events group as Lucca Comics and Romics, is also finished second at the World Cosplay Summit 2015 in Nagoya.

More info about him: https://www.artstation.com/artist/akiba91

Massimo Barbera

Massimo was born and currently live in Turin, a city in north-west Italy. He has discovered cosplay phenomenon in October 2005 at Harajuku and a few weeks later many cosplayers grab his attention at Lucca Comics and Games exhibition. Since then his life has changed. “That's an extremely complete hobby which allows to mix all of my passions: Japan, anime/manga, music (I currently play bass guitar in a rock band called "Gremlins"), acting (I am part of a troupe: "Piccola Compagnia del Giglio") and props making.” says Massimo. His job has to do with electronic and software and hence it might be connected with this hobby in a certain way. In his remaining spare time, he manage cosplay related events which often he performs on the stage.

As a cosplayer his dreams came true with WCS 2013 experience! Moreover, together with his mate Andrea Vesnaver he gained "WCS Grand Champion" title. Massimo’s cosplay career has begun in 2006 with Orko, the first costume from Masters of the Universe. Since then, he has been in several cosplay conventions (in Italy and around the world) as a participant and judge.

Sneakpeak at his FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/massimo.barbera


КShe is a cosplayer and cosplay photographer from Ukraine, Kiev. Pugoffka started her photography career in 2009. She has been photographing for more than 8 years and has done more than 700 cosplay photoshoots. As she travels a lot, she get the chance to shoot cosplayers from whole the world. Pugoffka is also a cosplayer and she likes to cosplay characters from video games.

Until you wait to meet her in Sofia, check her incredible work here: https://www.facebook.com/pugoffka.sama/